Sustainable Real Estate Consulting Services SunShot STEP Award

"development of online training programs that will teach real estate professionals, appraisers, and appraiser regulators how to value residential solar PV systems. Delivering on fair resale value for these arrays will help promote further homeowner investments in solar"

Green Home Features Increase Value and Marketability, Say Realtors®

Green Home Features Increase Value and Marketability, Say Realtors®

“One of the main drivers of growing interest towards green features is their ability to lower home operating costs. However, there is also a growing understanding that we all need to take responsibility for our environmental impact,” said Foley.

Will green improvements boost your home's value? Boston Globe

Will green improvements boost your home's value? Boston Globe

"A few years ago, real estate broker Craig Foley, chief of energy solutions at RE/Max Leading Edge, wondered whether “buyers were speaking with their wallets when it came to lower energy costs for homes.” He studied about 4,600 homes in Greater Boston, measuring whether buyers preferred natural-gas heating to oil, which tends to be more expensive. It turned out that natural-gas homes commanded $11 more per square foot — that adds up to a $22,000 premium on a 2,000-square-foot house.

"Energy Efficiency Hearing Roundup"

"As Mr. Foley put it, “the passage of the bill would ensure that consumers receive content similar to when they purchase a car; the MPG requirement for the passenger vehicle fleet is one metric all U.S. consumers have available to them at the point of sale.” As S.1761 dovetails nicely with USGBC MA's green building focus, we are proud to support its passage."

"Energy Efficiency and Your Realtor: A Real Estate Agent's Perspective" May 2015, Next Step Living

"Unlike other “fuels,” energy efficiency does not have a furnace that burns, or even a utility meter and breaker panel box. Energy efficiency is invisible for most people; in fact, it is only present in its absence – like when your utility bills drop. For that reason it has been hard for the average residential real estate agent to effectively communicate energy efficiency benefits to clients. But that’s changing."


"Greening the Multiple Listing System: Ssutainable Data in the Presnetation of Real Estate" Council of MLS, April 28th, 2015

"Many people believe that the multiple listing service is a single, monolithic, centralized database of real estate transactions that has stored the essential information for residential sales across the country. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Banker & Tradesman: "Paradigm Shift: High Performance Retrofits Bring A New Kind of Home to the Market" by Craig Foley April 20, 2015

"We are in the midst of a paradigm shift with respect to both how energy is produced, and also how it is consumed. Massachusetts homeowners are participating in both. The explosive growth of solar photovoltaics (PV) supported by innovative programs like Solarize MA allows homeowners to generate clean power on their side of the utility meter. At the same time, Massachusetts’ homeowners, through programs like MassSave, can reap the benefits of aggressive incentives for reducing energy consumption."

Full article available upon request

MLS PIN Updates Green Data Fields

"Ownership of green homes is one practical way people in our communities can actively respond to the environmental concerns around us," said Grey Lee, executive director of the MA Chapter of the USGBC. "MLS PIN's collaboration to improve the existing set of green data fields deserves kudos. I would also like to applaud Craig Foley, our chapter's advocacy coordinator for the Residential Green Building Committee, for his leadership on this project.


Leading Edge Green Partnership Program - Support Market Transformation!

RE/MAX of New England is pleased to announce that Boston-based RE/MAX Leading Edge has unveiled the Leading Edge Green Partnership Program (LEGPP). The program is designed to reward non-profits that support green building and sustainability in Massachusetts, as well as to promote market transformation towards healthier and more energy-efficient buildings in the Commonwealth.

Why Learn More About High-Performance Homes?

The question of why a real estate agent in Massachusetts should take a fresh look at the high-performance home market, or the NAR Green designation, is a good one. After all, we sell homes; we don’t sell climate change solutions. At the same time, I see a huge opportunity for our industry to be part of the solution.

Energy-Saving Resources - Ways to Save Energy at Home - Ebooks On Saving Energy

“In this competitive real estate market, homes that deliver proven energy efficiency will sell faster and for more money,” said Craig Foley, chief of energy solutions for RE/MAX Leading Edge. “Buying a home in New England is a stressful experience; consumers understand that utility costs have a significant impact on the overall cost of a home. Energy-efficient homes cost less to run. Buyers are more aware than ever that energy efficiency not only lowers stress on their wallets, but on the environment as well.”

Demand for Green-Certified Homes in MA More Than Doubled in 2013 : High-Profile

Boston - Rising energy prices and a shift in home-buyer priorities caused sales of green-certified homes to jump 110 percent last year, even as low inventory meant fewer homes were available overall, according to RE/MAX Leading Edge’s second annual Report of Energy Efficiency, Valuation of High-Performance Homes & Market Transformation on Massachusetts Residential Real Estate.

The report by Craig Foley, chief of energy solutions at RE/MAX Leading Edge, found that buyers wanted homes that were energy-efficient and had been built with sustainable, healthy building materials. In fact, the market is shifting so swiftly and dramatically in favor of green-certified homes that Foley believes the number of green home sales was under-reported because not all real estate agents are aware of the benefits of high-performance homes.

Craig Foley | People on the Move - Boston Business Journal

RE/MAX Leading Edge in Somerville has announced the recognition of Craig Foley with the 2013 EverGreen Award from the National Association of REALTORS’ Green REsource Council. Foley is one of five REALTORS selected for this award from a national pool of candidates for his commitment to the green industry and work within the community.