Increasing use of term "energy efficienct" used in real estate agents marketing of homes...

When a listing agent enters information into their MLS to market a property, there are a number of fields that they can use as a quick reference guide for a potential home buyer. These fields include items such as square footage of the lot and home (often times auto-populated from a tax record database) the number of rooms, bedrooms and baths. Fields may even extend to green features -  green certification of a home (LEED, NGBS) or if the homeowner/developer has had HERS Score completed on the property are becoming more coming in MLSs.

MLSs also have a remarks section where the listing agent is able to describe the home and its features in more detail than just the fields. The remarks section is what most home buyers view when the go to Zillow, Trulia or - the description of the property and its features was entered into the MLS.

Times "energy efficient" used in MLS PIN 2011-2015

Real estate agents are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of a home with lower operating costs. A thorough review of the total cost of home ownership should include not only principal, interest, taxes, and insurance, but utility and transportation costs as well as upkeep.