High-performance home mar

My Predictions for 2018

Good news:

)      Long-term investors- including banks, GSEs, and insurance companies- take a serious look at the impact of climate change on their bottom line

2)      The high-performance home market continues to gain traction, particularly in the new construction market

3)      Consumer demand for sustainable products continues to rise

4)      Backlash against climate-change deniers increases

5)      Science/data makes a comeback

6)      The National Association of REALTORS® makes major advances at the intersection of sustainability and real estate

7)      Inman makes sustainability a key talking point

Bad news:

1)      Stock market experiences a correction

2)     Interest rates rise

3)     Affordability remains a major concern in the real estate industry

HPH Market Update MLS PIN

Using data from the multiple listing service most real estate agents use in MA, MLS PIN in Shrewsbury, MA, here is a quick update on the high-performance home market. MLS PIN is a leader in advancing green data fields in their MLS. They were an early adopter of fields in 2009, and did a significant update of fields at the beginning of 2015.

As I have blogged, under-reporting of green certified homes is a problem. There is clear evidence that agents without knowledge and competence in green features and certifications have under-reported green certified properties in MLS PIN by as much as a 3.5 to 1 ratio.

Currently there are 34 single family homes with some type of green certification currently available. Single family homes with a reported HERS Index Score is 72 properties that are currently for sale.

There are 16 condos currently active with some type of green certification and 28 active condos the listing agent has entered a number for the HERS Index Score field.