The Process Of High-Performance Home Valuation In Section: Case Study: Valuing High Performance By Craig Foley Peer Reviewed by Jonathan Kantar

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) asked if I would submit an article on the process of high-performance home valuation for the Fall Edition of BuildingEnergy Magazine. The three documents mentioned in the article should be used in the valuation process of any HPH, spec, custom built or resale.

Research now Shows Solar Adds Value to Real Estate

"Comparative marketing analysis can be very difficult because there may not be homes in the neighborhood with solar PV and if they do, the posting agent that entered info into the Multiple Listing Service almost certainly didn’t list the critical information we need to value it on a home," Foley observes.


Buyers Value E+ Solutions Project Over Built-to-Code Project

Winchester, MA April 16, 2018 – RE/MAX Leading Edge Agent, Craig Foley recently represented the sale of the E+ Solutions LLC Highland St. project in the Fort Hill neighborhood of Boston.  The project, an ultra-high performance home, commanded an impressive 22.7% premium per square foot than its built-to-code competitor down the street. 


"Craig is a national expert in green home marketing and valuation,” said Linda O’Koniewski, CEO, RE/MAX Leading Edge. “His expertise gives developers and homeowners a clear advantage in conveying the value of green homes to home buyers, their agents and lenders."

REALTORMag Sustainability Summit article

Another article in REALTORMag about last week's Sustainability Summit hosted by NAR in Washington, D.C. So many industry leaders were in attendance including Jeremy Crawford, Sandra Adomatis, SRA, LEED Green Associate, Lauren Hansen, John Barrows, Ben Hoen, Gabe Klein, George Karayannis, Jaclyn S. Toole, Jamie Johnson to name a few. Great that NAR leadership Elizabeth Mendenhall, Heather Ozur, Connie Hettinga, and Kevin Sears were so engaged...and special thanks to our excellent NAR staff Amanda Stinton, Marc Gould and Russell Riggs for this outstanding event. Note to self: good to sit next to Pres elect so you are included in photos, lol...

NAR Sustainability Summit 2017

"Craig Foley, GREEN, a sustainability expert with RE/MAX Leading Edge in Somerville, Mass., said introducing the topic of energy efficiency to clients can affect transactions in both positive and negative ways, depending on your preparedness to explain the subject wisely. To mitigate problems, practitioners should get specific training on how to sell energy-efficient homes, he advised."

Best Practices of Listing a Solar PV Home

Here's a teaser video for the project I worked on with Elevate Energy to establish a best practices for listing solar PV homes. Hopefully full class will be available by the end of June for CE's in most states


There is a link at the end of the short video where you can sign up for the latest info about the project.

Banker & Tradesman Profile Piece

Banker & Tradesman Profile Piece

"The work that I’m doing now as a sustainable real estate consultant, my business is focused on high-performance homes. I also do a lot of real estate education. My focus is on green homes and sustainability. I ended up being in a unique place at a unique time at the right kind of market to bring this to light. I love what I’m doing now

NAR Annual Convention 2016, Orlando FL

Panel I participated in on solar PV valuation featured on NAR website: "REALTORS® need to educate themselves and get proficient on this topic if you are going represent home buyers and sellers in the solar powered niche" #realestate #solarrealestate

Sustainable Real Estate Consulting Services SunShot STEP Award

"development of online training programs that will teach real estate professionals, appraisers, and appraiser regulators how to value residential solar PV systems. Delivering on fair resale value for these arrays will help promote further homeowner investments in solar"

Green Home Features Increase Value and Marketability, Say Realtors®

Green Home Features Increase Value and Marketability, Say Realtors®

“One of the main drivers of growing interest towards green features is their ability to lower home operating costs. However, there is also a growing understanding that we all need to take responsibility for our environmental impact,” said Foley.

Will green improvements boost your home's value? Boston Globe

Will green improvements boost your home's value? Boston Globe

"A few years ago, real estate broker Craig Foley, chief of energy solutions at RE/Max Leading Edge, wondered whether “buyers were speaking with their wallets when it came to lower energy costs for homes.” He studied about 4,600 homes in Greater Boston, measuring whether buyers preferred natural-gas heating to oil, which tends to be more expensive. It turned out that natural-gas homes commanded $11 more per square foot — that adds up to a $22,000 premium on a 2,000-square-foot house.

"Energy Efficiency Hearing Roundup"

"As Mr. Foley put it, “the passage of the bill would ensure that consumers receive content similar to when they purchase a car; the MPG requirement for the passenger vehicle fleet is one metric all U.S. consumers have available to them at the point of sale.” As S.1761 dovetails nicely with USGBC MA's green building focus, we are proud to support its passage."

"Energy Efficiency and Your Realtor: A Real Estate Agent's Perspective" May 2015, Next Step Living

"Unlike other “fuels,” energy efficiency does not have a furnace that burns, or even a utility meter and breaker panel box. Energy efficiency is invisible for most people; in fact, it is only present in its absence – like when your utility bills drop. For that reason it has been hard for the average residential real estate agent to effectively communicate energy efficiency benefits to clients. But that’s changing."


"Greening the Multiple Listing System: Ssutainable Data in the Presnetation of Real Estate" Council of MLS, April 28th, 2015

"Many people believe that the multiple listing service is a single, monolithic, centralized database of real estate transactions that has stored the essential information for residential sales across the country. Nothing could be further from the truth."