Climate Change: We Don’t Have 50 Years to Wait

There are a number of reasons for the real estate industry to stick their head in the sand about the topic of climate change. I can’t tell you how proud I am of the National Association of REALTORS to allow me to frankly address the topic in the March-April 2019 edition of REALTOR Magazine.

The Process Of High-Performance Home Valuation In Section: Case Study: Valuing High Performance By Craig Foley Peer Reviewed by Jonathan Kantar

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) asked if I would submit an article on the process of high-performance home valuation for the Fall Edition of BuildingEnergy Magazine. The three documents mentioned in the article should be used in the valuation process of any HPH, spec, custom built or resale.

Research now Shows Solar Adds Value to Real Estate

"Comparative marketing analysis can be very difficult because there may not be homes in the neighborhood with solar PV and if they do, the posting agent that entered info into the Multiple Listing Service almost certainly didn’t list the critical information we need to value it on a home," Foley observes.


NAR Annual Convention 2016, Orlando FL

Panel I participated in on solar PV valuation featured on NAR website: "REALTORS® need to educate themselves and get proficient on this topic if you are going represent home buyers and sellers in the solar powered niche" #realestate #solarrealestate

"Energy Efficiency Hearing Roundup"

"As Mr. Foley put it, “the passage of the bill would ensure that consumers receive content similar to when they purchase a car; the MPG requirement for the passenger vehicle fleet is one metric all U.S. consumers have available to them at the point of sale.” As S.1761 dovetails nicely with USGBC MA's green building focus, we are proud to support its passage."